Friday, May 18, 2007

well its been a while.... LOST season finale spoiled..

I cant tell you who this I'm having the IM with is.. but i guarantee this is 100% the finale for LOST..

[14:28] nononono: so lost
[14:28] nononono: here is how it ends
[14:28] funkly mang: this season right?
[14:28] nononono: Jack has been trying to reach somebody all through his flashback
[14:28] nononono: yeah this season
[14:28] nononono: he's depressed
[14:28] nononono: suicidal
[14:28] nononono: steals drugs
[14:28] nononono: sees his exwife pregnant
[14:28] nononono: goes to a funeral
[14:28] nononono: just dark stuff
[14:29] nononono: all the while trying to call somebody
[14:29] nononono: at the end of the episode he finally reaches this person and arranges to meet them
[14:29] nononono: It turns out to be...
[14:29] nononono: (drumroll please)
[14:29] nononono: Kate!
[14:29] nononono: The flashback is not a flash back
[14:29] nononono: it's actually present
[14:29] nononono: and they are off the island
[14:30] nononono: Jack pleads with her to go back
[14:30] nononono: to the island
[14:30] nononono: she refuses and drives off and he is just standing there screaming "We have to go back!"
[14:31] nononono: So nobody is sure if the next season takes place after they get off the island and just tells how in flash back and then they go back later on or what.
[14:34] nononono: Holy shit


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