Monday, May 18, 2009

Gay Home PRide Bread

Sent at 1:45 PM on Monday
Scott: that your connection
me: :)
Scott: damn youporn here i....
ill leave it there
Sent at 1:50 PM on Monday
Scott: well with that bandwith you could get the radio show up again with a webcam
me: easily
problem is everyone wants to do it from thier house..
which im cool with except the bandwidth now is defintely here
Scott: well if you have the connection i think that its your call
me: same probs as before... oh and now erin is pregnant
Sent at 1:55 PM on Monday
Scott: you breaders
me: that makes you sound gay
Scott: i stoped caring
me: or a webers white bread fan.. not sure which
Scott: typo
me: maybe wonderbread?
Scott: mmmm wonder bread in a ball
me: ..thinkgs you can do to a split topo home pride loaf
Scott: take like 5 slices pull the crust off put a glob of peanutbutter in the middle fold slice around
then layer more peanutbutter and attach slices to the side squeezing all the time
Sent at 2:00 PM on Monday
Scott: you wind up with a ball of layered goodness that is like a pellet
me: and then do it with medicated PB...
and get some strawberry jam dipping sauce
Scott: it manages my stree
me: yeh im copying and pasting this convo
posting it in the web some place
Scott: blackberry jam in between the layers of butter and peanutbutter
great I am a non reproducing bread lover that can be interpreted in so many different ways.



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