Thursday, May 28, 2009

OHHHHHH, DISH How I once loved thee....

So here is an example of exactly why I recently left Dish Network. I had been with them for the past 7 years and up until late 2008, was EXTREMELY happy with them. But it seemed as the economy turned rules that has apparently always been there and never enforced became a huge focus and red tape and the most ridiculous catch-22s became what a loyal Dish customer had to deal with.

After giving Dish almost every chance to make up for their short comings and match the price i was getting from the competitor. they fell short as anything they offered meant a 2year commitment with only a 1 year price guarantee or discount. So that combined with the above mentioned grumblings of their customer service, it was time to leave. Like many TV service providers, you lease the equipment and when your done they want it back. So here come the boxes and return labels...

BUT I have 3 set top boxes yet only received 2 return labels and packing materials... oh what to do... so I call, and frustration ensues...

Please wait while we find a representative to assist you...

You have been connected to (23-12-3) Joanne C..

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: Thank you for being a valued DISH Network customer, I will be happy to assist you today. Please give me 2-3 minutes to access your account and review the information you have already provided.

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: I understand you are returning equipment and want to know if some of the equipment is purchased by you?

Joe Blow: well I have 3 boxes to return, I only received 2 shipping boxes from your support center

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: For account security, would you please verify your zip code for me?

Joe Blow: EDIT

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: Thank you. I show that the two 522 DuoDvr receivers are leased and need to be returned.

Joe Blow: are there serial numbers so I return the correct one, I have 3 receivers it appears I own that one...

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: The are standard definition and both go to two TV’s. So you would have 4 remotes that also need to be returned.

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: Sorry. They are standard definition and both go to two TV’s. So you would have 4 remotes that also need to be returned.

Joe Blow: so the HD receiver does not need to be returned?

Joe Blow: that doesn’t sound right

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: Please give me 2-3 minutes to research this.

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: I show that you upgraded to the HD receiver that needs to be returned also.

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: So all three need to be returned.

Joe Blow: ok no problem. Is there a center I can just drop them off instead?

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: Unfortunately, we don't have any centers in your area.

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: You can use a bigger box if you have one available to send them back.

Joe Blow: ok then I will need an additional shipping box sent to me for the 3rd receiver

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: I can request one to be sent. It can take up to 7-14 business days.

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: If you have a box that will fit two of the receivers you can use that.

Joe Blow: well can you note the account so I do not get charged for this

Joe Blow: I will look for a box but not sure I can get one

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: I can note the account, unfortunately that won't stop any charges.

Joe Blow: so... i am honest enough to bring this up, Dish Networks mistake, but I will still be charged, and you can’t provide a drop off option... I can’t see how that’s fair...

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: You can drop them off at any UPS drop off station.

Joe Blow: but it appears your asking me to buy a box for them

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: You can use any box that will fit both receivers.

Joe Blow: this type of service (which is 180 degrees from what it was before) is why I left Dish Network

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: I apologize for any inconvenience.

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: I have requested a box to be sent.

Joe Blow: ok well ill do what I have to, to get the receivers back to you. And your absolutely sure that I owe 2 522 DuoDVRs and one VIP722?

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: Correct.

Joe Blow: ok

(23-12-3) Joanne C.: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

Joe Blow: I will send them out... no that’s all I needed to hear.

Are you picking up what I'm putting down , Internets? FRUSTRATING...

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Blogger Raymond said...

I see why FiOS is WAY better now..
That is BEYOND stupid..
I would've be so pissed that I would get charged.

1:22 AM  

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