Thursday, November 11, 2004

Alex Albrecht: TSS is DEAD...

Alex Albrecht: TSS is DEAD...: "I made up a form letter to send into

Just input a small amount of info and send it off.




To Charles Hirschhorn,

My name is NAME, and I have been a loyal fan of The Screensavers for NUMBER years now, and to hear that you have revamped the show AGAIN in so little time is not only an atrocity, but an insult to the cast, crew and audience. You gave them no chance at improving ratings before you let the ax fall. Shame on you. Your network has taken a very useful, well-liked channel, Tech TV, and turned it into a video game 24/7, teenage free-for-all. I never watch any other shows on your channel because I can only take so much of video games, and it only adds to their uselessness and trivial nature. You have taken many good shows: The ScreenSavers, Unscrewed, Call For Help and so many more and flushed them down the toilet in leu of video games and their fleeting ratings. The ScreenSavers and the old TechTV shows were the only things keeping me coming back to your channel, but now you have lost me, and I'm sure many more loyal fans for good. I will wait to laugh when I see your ratings drop, the shows slowly be canceled and the eventual fold of the channel.

A former die-hard, everyday watching fan,"


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