Sunday, August 29, 2004

Chorizo Burritos!!!

here it is...

1 can canned chipolte peppers in sauce

3-5 bratwurst sausages, no flavor, just plain, as fresh as possible... ground pork can be used as a sub, but i really recommend the brats

1 can MEXICAN refried beans, no flavor, just plain

good quality tortillas... you get what you pay for

Cheese, i suggest jack and a mild to sharp cheddar mix, but hey you go crazy with your choice

½ small white onion

pinch of garlic powder

heavy pinch of kosher salt

Small pinch black pepper (fresh ground of course)

Start by getting the sausages out of their casing, just cut them down the middle take out the meat, put this in a hot pan. Get the meat a bit brown, then throw in the onion diced. Give a good pinch of salt let the onions get a little transparent. Get about a good 3-5 chipoltes out of the can and cut them coarsely. (they will break up more in the pan) Add a pinch of garlic powder, a grind or 2 of black pepper. Then finish browning the meat. Now All the liquid you can get out of the can of chipoltes, put in the pan. This will deglaze and start to simmer quick. Now bring to boil, go to lowest heat and let the liquid render out. This s should take a good 20 minutes, its worth it trust me. There will still be some liquid left, but most will evaporate. Nuke the tortillas, or warm them over fire. Cook the beans to temp, maybe a little salt. Take the meat out of the pan with a slotted spoon to drain excess liquid (grease).

Now to burrito construction. You want to make small burritos compared to the size of the tortilla. I would rather have 3 small awesome burritos, than 1 big sloppy, can't finish, ok tasting burrito. I use 9 inch standard size. I take about a tablespoon of the beans, spread them like mortar for a brick in the dead center of the tortilla. Make a good 1/8 of inch coverage in middle. Sprinkle your cheese, a little is better, less is more. Then a equal to beans amount of meat (maybe a bit more). Roll the burrito, if you do not have this talent down, i suggest you go to Taco Bell/Del taco or if your blessed with knowing some one in a real Mexican restaurant, and watch the line cooks for about 5 minutes, you'll get the hang of it after that.

This is my first real success with Mexican food, its my favorite, but i have never been able to cook it good. Today it just came to me by looking in my cupboards, and getting inspired!


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