Wednesday, May 19, 2004

So here it goes... Now What? My commitment to my blog

After a few drinks, and some time to waste.. here goes.. I will blog. I don't talk much so maybe I can write more. I will commit to once a week... but I want more like daily. I will try to include links and news that is of interest (to me anyway). I am a tech junkie, watch waaaayyy to much TechTV, I am upset about the loss of Leo, a hacker at heart. I am married with 2 kids, one which lives in Alaska with his mother, the other with me and my wife here in the LBC area. I am addicted to cigarettes, TV shows, musician who doesn't play much at all anymore, I've toured (with my band)with Green Day, Bungle and played a lot of gigs from Hollywood to San Francisco. I am also a horible spleler! I currently work in food service and IT. I am the tech guy among my circle, I'm a geek! I have so many stories about things I've seen, done and people I met, I can't even remember it all. Here's a preview, I once was pulled over and rousted by a cop about 30 minutes after taking LSD. After about 5 minutes of patting me down, and total intimidation, I was told I was under arrest for murder. Of course the cop was joking but it was a f'in trip to remember! Ask me about it and I'll give you the long version of it. Well.. That's enough sharing for now....


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