Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Frank Zappa on Crossfire

I just came across this and I got to say, this man should have been president. This is an airing of Crossfire on CNN, and it seems reminascent (in a retroactive, prorated way) of Jon Stewarts appearance on it last year. Basically Zappa tears apart the ideas of the 'witch hunt' censorship trials.

The sad part is that this was back in 1986, and thanks to a couple of Super Bowls ago, we are in a much more strict police state compared to back in the day.

Well here it is, sorry about the quality it is 20 years old. UPDATE EDIT: Well you tube didn't do so well with the encoding, and it comes out all scrambled, but the audio is what you really want to hear. Just imagine 3 old white guys and Frank sitting in some chairs. enjoy... just click the lil play button....

Quote of the Day...

The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet.
William Gibson (1948 - )

and a little somthing i just found to fuel a fire


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